Karl Rahner (1966): Experiment Mensch. The Unfulfilled Dawn of a Christian "Antropotechnics"

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Karl Rahner (1966): Experiment Mensch. L’alba incompiuta di una ‘antropotecnica’ cristiana. Teologi a confronto con Peter Sloterdijk


After analysing Peter Sloterdijk’s interpretation of the essay Experiment Mensch written by Karl Rahner in 1966, the article takes into consideration the discussion that occurred among some German-speaking theologians on the correctness of Sloterdijk’s interpretation and on the value of the theological-moral discourse developed by Rahner in the aforementioned essay. The focus of the article then moves to a detailed analysis of the kind of theological ethics developed by Rahner in Experiment Mensch which, in his intentions, should have worked as an alternative paradigm to the hegemonic “manualistic moral theology” in the coeval Catholic culture.

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Received 27 March 2023. Revised 14 July 2023. Accepted 19 July 2023. Published online 31 July 2023




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Gianfilippo GiustozziIstituto Teologico Marchigiano
Istituto Superiore Scienze Religiose di Pescara


Orbis Idearum Volume 11, Issue 1 (2023), 75-113
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