Spells in the Kabbalah Book of Queen Sobieska

Variant title

Formule magiche nel Libro della cabala di Maria Casimira Sobieska


The article presents and analyses the structure, functions, and sources of some spells from manuscript 2284 stored at the Jagiellonian University Library in Krakow, titled Księga Kabał Królowej Sobieskiej (The Kabbalah Book of Queen Sobieska). It is a collection of texts about magic, Kabbalah, and astrology, collected by Maria Casimira Sobieska herself during her long sojourn in Italy (1699–1714). The spells presented in the paper were written in Italian by an anonymous author, most likely in Venice between the 17th and 18th century. These spells are an example of ritual magic, which mixes elements from the tradition of the Kabbalah and spellbooks, such as Clavicula Salomonis, in order to reach practical and immediate effects, like riding fast and safe, finding favor with powerful people, or avoiding attacks from enemies.

Article history

Received 20 March 2023. Revised 09 July 2023. Accepted 14 July 2023. Published online 31 July 2023




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Fabio BoniUniwersytet Pedagogiczny im. KEN w Krakowie


Orbis Idearum Volume 11, Issue 1 (2023), 59-74
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