Vestigia Idearum Historica
Beiträge zur Ideengeschichte Europas


Vestigia Idearum Historica is a series of co-authored volumes focusing on the history of ideas. It is edited by the History of Ideas Research Centre at Jagiellonian University in Krakow and published by mentis Verlag. The series has an international, multilingual, and interdisciplinary character. One of its main goals is to provide a platform for the encounter of different traditions in this field of inquiry, and in particular those rooted in linguistic and cultural areas such as the Polish, German, Anglo-Saxon, French, and Italian ones. Authors are invited to write chapters of undertaken topics which, previous to publication, are discussed extensively in conferences and seminars organized by the Centre. The main focus of the series is on theoretical and methodological questions of the history of ideas, in order to solve problems that typically arise in interdisciplinary research areas.

Michel Henri Kowalewicz and Riccardo Campa


  1. Spiel. Facetten seiner Ideengeschichte, edited by Michel Henri Kowalewicz and Riccardo Campa in collaboration with Gunter Scholtz and Karl Acham, mentis Verlag, Münster 2013.

    Spiel. Facetten seiner Ideengeschichte

  2. Formen der Ideengeschichte, edited by Michel Henri Kowalewicz and Riccardo Campa, mentis Verlag, Münster 2014.

    Formen der Ideengeschichte

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