Technologies, Education and Teaching Methodologies in Italian Schools in the 1980s. The Contribution of the Scuola Italiana Moderna Journal


The Scuola Italiana Moderna specialist journal made a significant contribution to the debate that was underway in Italy in the 1980s on the introduction of technology in the classroom. The journal published articles on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) works, on its inclusion at school both as a subject of study and as an innovative teaching method. Especially in the Education Ministry’s New Programs for primary schools of 1985, computer science was seen as a formative resource to be promoted, albeit without losing sight of its potential risks to pupils. The introduction of computer science in Italian schools was in line with other experiences of computers being adopted as “teaching machines” in schools elsewhere in Europe.

Article history

Received 01 December 2022. Revised 17 December 2022. Accepted 28 December 2022. Published online 16 January 2023