Education and the Future. Relations Between New Technologies and the World of Teaching in Twenty Years of the Scuola Italiana Moderna Journal


This contribution aims to chart how the future looked to the Italian world of education in the 1960s and 1970s, by analyzing articles published in Scuola Italiana Moderna, a specialist journal for teachers with Catholic leanings. We examine studies and opinions regarding new technologies and AI (Artificial Intelligence) in relation to the concepts of school, education and teaching. Our aim is to focus on perceptions of how technology, computer science and the idea of AI might change the experience of education and teaching in the future. We also look at the utopian- projective aspect of a line of reasoning that tried to imagine the impact of AI: how it might affect people’s lives; whether it would be useful in training courses and institutions; and how it would shape the children of the future. The concerns of a moral order that accompanied such considerations are also examined.

Article history

Received 05 November 2022. Revised 29 December 2000. Accepted 04 January 2023. Published online 16 January 2023