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Italian law applies. Provisions related to Italian copyright law (diritto d'autore) are found in Law no. 633 of 22 April 1941 (along with its various amendments). Certain fundamental provisions are also found in the Italian Civil Code of 1942, Arts. 2575–2583. The subject matter owed protection is provided for (identically) in both the Civil Code (art. 2575) and Law no. 633 (Art. 1): "The object of the author's right is the work of intellect of creative character that belongs to the sciences, literature, music, figurative art, architecture, theatre, and cinematography, no matter the style or form of expression." There is no requirement that the work be fixed in any medium to attract copyright protection. While italian copyright law does not have an equivalent to "fair use" or "fair dealing" provisions, certain exceptions do not require remuneration to the author, in particular those connected to the traditional academic praxis: the use of fragments or quotations for criticism, discussion, or non-commercial teaching or research (with source indicated) (Art. 70); and the communication of low-resolution images and music over the Internet for educational or scientific purposes (Art. 70).

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