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Is Classical Sociology Still Relevant Today?

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As Alfred North Whitehead once noticed: "A science that hesitate to forget its founders is lost." It is often repeated that scientific theories change over time, that they are just provisional "truths," and that they do not simply cumulate as was assumed to be the case in the 19th century. Nonetheless, there are philosophical and scientific ideas that were initially elaborated hundreds or even thousands years ago that are still considered valid or at least inspiring today. The next issue of Orbis Idearum will be devoted to the ideas of classical sociology. To which extent are they still relevant today? Contributors may either approach the problem from a descriptive point of view, for instance by providing evidence that certain ideas or authors are still frequently used or quoted today, or they may take a normative point of view and argue in favor of the current relevance of an idea or an author which seems to be regrettably forgotten or marginalized.
Issue 13