Rileggere Utopia. Alla ricerca della intentio auctoris


The author looks for the intentio auctoris of Thomas Moore’s Utopia by examining the commentaries to the work, written by other authors of the 16th century (the so-called “paratext”). This exegetic operation makes sense if we consider that those authors were the public that Moore had in mind when he wrote his masterpiece. They were all members of the sodalitas Erasmiana, a group of intellectuals animated by specific religious sensibilities based on Erasmus’ philosophia Christi. The texts examined in this research are by Pieter Gilles, Cornelis de Schrijver, Gerhard Geldenhauer, Hieronymus Busleyden, Jean Desmarais, Guillaume Budé, Beatus Bild, and Erasmus himself. After having examined the paratext, the author “re-read” the text, Utopia, looking for hidden meanings.



Italian (it)


Gregorio PiaiaUniversità di Padova


Orbis Idearum Volume 4, Issue 2 (2016), pp. 11–30
Orbis Idearum